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About Albirg Creations

Albirg creations primary purpose is to inspire other artists and photographers to grow and better their craft.

In an effort to help both young and old, non professional or professional artisans we offer services to help promote their crafts at a reasonable fee as well as to share our expertise. Examples of such services are professional art cards, biographies, flyers, business cards or and other print marketing methods.

We have found great fulfillment by helping other artists share their works of art through their art cards finding it encourages our own creative exploration.

Another avenue we have traveled is the memories trip. Over the last seven years Al and I together have photographed more than sixty small towns of Ontario, creating photo cards, trivets and prints of our journeys. We provide the photo memories of the past at the craft shows that we participate in, finding that many people share the same memories. This is our way of preserving the heritage of many of the province of Ontario's beautiful small towns that we have visited.

Preserving our heritage through customized trivets and coasters has also been a sought after service that we are thrilled to provide. Old photos to be shared are the primary source for these valuable family memories.

About Birgie Ludlow

Birgie Ludlow was born in Flensburg, Germany as Birgit Platz in June 1947. Her family immigrated to Canada in 1952.

Early childhood memories were created in Elmvale, Port Stanton, Hamilton and Ancaster where she found great fulfillment in doing arts and crafts. Eventually all this early creativity lead her to a professional career as a commercial artist for more than twenty-five years.

Throughout her personal life she has continued to use her imagination to develop her own personal artwerkz.

As a single mother to 2 wonderful children Jason and Janine Stoll from 1990-1998 her new found passion of desktop publishing was equally shared by all three as a joint learning effort in technology while they were in their teens. All three today are computer literate.

Since 1991 Birgie has been on a personal creative quest. Her love of nature drove her to pick and press flowers and weeds as they were about to die, preserving them for cards and pictures. In the the cold of winter to see the actual flowers of a lovely garden framed, is a comforting sight.

Initially she quit smoking on Weedless Wednesday January 1991, trading one weed in for another. Her thrill of collecting nature's tapestry, whether it be flowers, leaves, weeds, feathers or stones, salvaging nature’s gifts as a scavenger keeps her passion to create alive to this day. She has had the opportunity to teach her pressed flower techniques to small private groups as well as at night school and her favorite, as a one on one teacher.

It's the sharing that feeds her heart with so much enthusiasm. Photographing nature’s tapestry too feeds her soul.

In 2001 Birgie rekindled her love of drawing and painting by taking watercolor lessons with William Biddle. Through his guidance she found herself returning to her original roots with a new found passion which continues today. All her Birgie Artwerkz are included in the Albirg creations collection.

In 2004 Birgie and her husband Al moved to St. Catharines where they continue to run their business Albirg creations finding great joy and fulfillment in creating and marketing their products as well as helping others to do the same with theirs.

In February 2006 Birgie found the courage to find a way to earn her high school diploma, a goal she had been trying to achieve for fourty-years. With the help of her husband Al, wonderful teachers and classmates she finally earned her high school diploma in June 2006, validating the last fourty years as an artist. She also received a School Spirit Award as well as being nominated for Valedictorian, feeling truly blessed.

Having overcome this major obstacle has given her the confidence to take on new and bigger venues.

About Allan Ludlow

Allan Ludlow was born in Toronto. Early childhood memories were created in Mimico where piano lessons played an important role in molding his musical future. He spent his highschool years in London where he completed his art training which eventually lead him to a career in the graphic arts fields. During his teen years in London his primary focus was music under the direction of Martin Boundy in local concert bands and the London Symphony as a trombonist. Al also played with Lionel Thornton's Casa Royal Dance Band travelling Smalltown Ontario with the band.

In 1957 Al and his wife Gwen moved to Hamilton where he joined the Ron Wickens Orchestra for a dozen years. He also played for several theatre productions under the direction of Cliff Hunt. The sounds of his trombone were also heard in Harry Wallers', Jimmy Beggs', Jack Ryans' and Lloyd Peachs' dance bands occasionally at this time.

Professionally Al was employed in the production end of the graphics industry working out of Hamilton and Toronto. Somehow he still found time to play his trombone in many big bands throughout Southern Ontario finding he enjoyed playing Dixieland and Jazz especially. Growing up listening to Glenn Miller is what inspired him to play trombone all these years.

Photography too has been another one of Al's passions. As a father of four children Dave, Carol-Anne, Mark and Pat there was always an abundance of subject matter .

Landscapes captured by his lens to this day are still breathtaking. His photo compositions are artistically and clearly thought out. Most of the photos for Albirg photo series have been taken by Al Ludlow.

In 2004 Al and his wife Birgie moved to St. Catharines where they continue to run their business Albirg creations finding great joy and fulfillment in creating and marketing their custom made products as well helping others do the same with theirs.

Contact & Location:

Albirg Creations is based in beautiful St. Catharines Ontario.

12 Lakehurst Drive
St. Catharines, ON, L2N4C2

Telephone: 905-646-0230
Email: birgieludlow at hotmail dot com

Services Include:

  • Wedding and Special Occasion Invitations - utilizing Birgie's pressed flower designs
  • Christmas Cards and Prints - utilizing Al's winter photos or Birgie's paintings
  • Art Cards and Calendars - custom made of your images
  • Photo Restoration - Including photo enhancement and editting (ie. deleting people in photos).
  • Trivets and Coasters - custom made of your images
  • Graphic Designs

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